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Movie #2: Children's War Game

The second Digimon movie takes place six months after the first season is over. It is summertime, and the children are all off vacationing. Joe is studying as always, Mimi is in Hawaii, Matt and T.K. are visiting their grandparents, Sora is angry at Tai's insenstivity and Kari is at a friend's birthday party. This leaves only Tai and Izzy ready to deal with a new threat to the real world.

It all starts when Izzy starts to notice a new virus appearing in the Internet. It rapidly digivolves and begins to take control of the U.S. army's nuclear arsenal. Gennai is able to send their Digimon to help them, but even Greymon and Kabuterimon cannot stop Diaboromon.

Matt and T.K. are able to receive Tai's desperate call for help, but with telephone and Internet services down all over Japan, it's almost impossible for them to stay in touch. Patomon and Tentomon are quickly defeated by Diaboromon, who has now evolved into Mega level.

Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon stage a desperate last strike again their stronger and faster opponent and are overwhelmingly defeated. Diaboromon has accessed the U.S. nuclear arsenal and is about to destroy the world when Tai and Matt are somehow able to appear inside the Internet. Their deep bond with their Digimon allows them to transcend all barriers, and fueled by the hopes and wishes of all of the world's children, Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon digivolve together into....Omnimon.

With powers greater than any single Digimon, Wargreymon is able to defeat Diaboromon and restore peace to both worlds, for now.

In the U.S., this movie was compressed to become 1/3 of the Digimon Movie. An artificial plot device was created to tie this into the third movie, by having Diaboromon be an accidental creation of Willis. In the Japanese version, Diaboromon's creation is a mystery.

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