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Movie #3: Hurricane Touchdown / The Golden Digimentals

The third movie stars the Digidestined from Season 2.

Willis is an American Digidestined with two Digimon. Terriermon and his brother Kokomon. However, Kokomon has been infected with a virus which is gradually corrupting him. He haunts Willis, causing destruction wherever Willis goes.

At the same time, Kari and T.K. are visiting their friend Mimi in New York when Mimi suddenly disappears. Little do they know that the rest of the original Digidestined are all disappearing, kidnapped by Kokomon, who is trying to find Willis. Realizing that they are too old to be Willis, he turns them all into small children, hoping that one of them is Willis.

While trying to find out what's going on, T.K. and Kari notice a battle between Terriermon and Kokomon, who has finally found Willis. Kokomon keeps urging Willis to go back to the beginning. Realizing they need help, Kari and T.K. call Davis, Yolei and Cody for help.

The other three Digidestined manage to make it to America in time to meet up with Willis. Willis explains the story of how he found the twin Digimon, and of the virus that infected Kokomon. Davis in particular is moved by the story and all of them offer to help, but they are caught off-guard when Kokomon attacks again. His sheer power overwhelms the Digidestined, especially when he digivolves again. Angemon and Angemon appear at the last minute to save the Digimon from being eaten, but even their power cannot stop Kokomon.

Kokomon begins to reverse time, de-aging all of the Digidestined. Finally Willis realizes that Kokomon actually wants to go back before the virus infected him, but he can't do it by himself. Angemon and Angewomon stage a desperate ploy and summon the Golden Digi-eggs. Utilizing the Golden Digi-egg of Miracles and Fate, Davis and Willis allow their Digimon to digivolve into Magnamon and Rapidmon. Using their incredible new powers, Magnamon and Rapidmon are able to destroy the virus and free Kokomon.

Saddened that he lost his friend, Willis gains hope by realizing he has new friends in the rest of the Digidestined. And his tears of sorrow turn into tears of joy when he finds a new Digi-egg that just washed up, a Digi-egg that contains an old friend.

In the US, this movie was severely cut to form the rest of the Digimon Movie. The sub-plot with the original Digidestined being kidnapped was completely cut. Also, the virus that infected Kokomon was revealed to be Diaboromon in the US version. In the Japanese version, there is no explanation for the virus. Some of the quieter scenes were cut or re-edited to make for longer fight scenes.

This movie is also out of continuity. There are characters and events that occur here that could not occur in regular continuity. Angemon never digivolved to Seraphimon, and the Golden Digi-eggs were never guarded by Angemon and Angewomon. And neither of them could digivolve into their Mega forms until later in 02, but in this movie they can. If this movie takes place when they've regained their full powers, Ken should be there and all of them should be able to digivolve into Champion form normally.

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