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Movie #4: Diaboromon Strikes Back

The final appearance (for now) of the Digidestined from Season 1 and 2.

Diaboromon returns and begins a new scheme to take over the real world. All over Japan, Kuramon are popping up. Izzy realizes that this is a plot by Diaboromon to return. So Tai and Matt decide to go into the Internet to try and stop Diaboromon at the source, while the 02 team stayed in the real world to capture all of the loose Kuramon.

Tai, Matt and Omnimon find Diaboromon. But the sheer number of Kuramon at his disposal makes it hard for Omnimon to find him. Diaboromon is too fast and uses the Kuramon to hide. So T.K. and Kari enter the Internet to help their brothers, along with Angemon and Angewomon. The two angel Digimon find the real Diaboromon and Hold him long enough for Omnimon to destroy him.

But it's a trap. Izzy realized that this was just a lure to distract Omnimon so that Diaboromon would have the time to create more Kuramon to feed his power. He ends up temporarily sealing Digidestined in the Internet. As Izzy and Mimi (who just returned from America) watch helplessly, Diaboromon begins his true plan, revenge.

The 02 team were about to go into the Internet to help the others, when Kuramon started to appear out of cell phones everywhere. Soon an entire ocean of Kuramon covered Japan. Diaboromon absorbed all of the Kuramon to become Armagemon. Omnimon appeared just in time and engaged in an awesome battle against Diaboromon but, in the end, he was defeated. Omnimon's arms fell off and he froze still like a statue.

During this time, Davis and Ken were trying frantically to find Veemon and Wormmon. They were separated from their Digimon when the small army of Kuramon appeared. It appeared hopeless, as they ran across the entire city. Joe found them and loaned them his bike so they could cover more ground. They finally found their Digimon, but they were all the way on the other side of a bridge, and there were too many peopl ein the way. And when Omnimon was defeated, they were about to give up. Davis screamed out Veemon's name in desperation, it caused everyone in the city to stop and amazingly, everyone moved out of Davis and Ken's way, clearing the path to Veemon and Wormmon.

Davis and Ken quickly reunited with their Digimon, who formed Imperialdramon. But Imperialdramon was defeated even quicker than Omnimon, even when he used his Giga-death attack. A severely wounded Imperialdramon Fighter Mode was frozen in the air, held by Armagemon's power. It seemed hopeless, and even Tai couldn't figure out what to do. Tai and Matt were frozen with frustration, but Sora arrived to renew their hope. She was able to travel across the country to be with them and helped them to dispel the fear in their hearts.

Powered by the courage of Tai, Davis, Matt and Ken, Omnimon used all of his power to create a mighty white sword. Agumon and Gabumon returned to their rookie forms as the sword flew into the sky towards the defeated Imperialdramon and freed him.

Imperialdramon transformed into Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, and armed with his sword, he destroyed Armagemon. Cody and Yolei realized that Armagemon was breaking down into thousands of Kuramon again, but was able to get everyone in the city to contain the falling Kuramon in the cell phones and Digivices. Imperialdramon absorbed all of the Kuramon into his sword and destroyed them all for once.


This movie has yet to air in the U.S. Considering how poorly the first Digimon movie did, it may never air in theaters.

It has some incredible fight scenes. The Omnimon versus Armagemon battle is just awesome, and is also the only time you'll ever see Omnimon for more than a couple minutes. At one point he stabs Armagemon in the head and then fires several blasts at point blank range.

The Digivolving scenes are cool too. There's only two scenes (Agumon + Gabumon to Omnimon, and Veemon and Wormmon to Imperialdarmon), but they are done in a really dynamic way.

Also, all of the Digidestined from season 1 and 2 are here, and the movie ends with a cute montage of the Digidestined.

I just wish there were more fight scenes. And at just about 30 minutes, this barely qualifies as an episode of the TV show. I think the second movie had more fight scenes, but the ones in this movie are much more exciting. It would have been great if all of the Digimon fought, but I guess there wasn't enough time to bring them all in. Too bad we didn't get to see Aquillamon, Ankyllomon, Sylphimon, Shakkoumon or any of the Armored Digimon.

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