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February is a good month. I got my hands on a Justimon, Saint Gargomon and Dukemon D-Real figure. I'll start with a review of Justimon. Justimon comes packaged with a detachable cape, and three arm units. He also comes with blue card.

The first thing I noticed was how un-Digimon Justimon is. He looks more like a Power Ranger, as he is shaped like a human being. He's probably the thinnest D-Real too, with human-looking arms and legs. He could easily pass as a Power Rangers or GI Joe action figure.

Compared to the other D-Reals, Justimon has a LOT of toys. For starters he has a detachable plastic cape. With the cape on he looks very very cool. His right arm is modular too. You can add a giant cybernetic claw, a copper-colored blade or a silver fist. Each one pops right off. His arms have no joints, but the modular arms can be turned around 360 degrees. Both of his arms and head can swivel 360 degrees as well.

His legs have three joints. One at the top, allowing you to kick up or down with his legs. And two in the middle, allowing you to bend his knees, or twist them 360 degrees. His legs are a little weird though so you can't have him kick up or down with them, but they can kick to the sides. His waist and ankles do not move at all.

Justimon is the most detailed D-Real figure I have seen so far. Almost every part of him is painted, from the red on his buckle, to the black wires and diagrams on his cybernetic arm. I'm betting that when the figure is released in the US, his blade and arm will be one or two colors at the most. It's a shame, really.

The figure is a little difficult to balance at first, because he has the heavy cybernetic arm on one side and the cape on the other. Plus his legs are very small. But once you get the hang of it it's easy.


Justimon Armless.
Sitting down.
Detacheable cape.
Blue Card
Blue card's back.


  • EXTREMELY detailed. Best figure so far. Even the smallest line is painted.
  • Removable arms and cape.
  • Waaaay cool.

  • Looks too much like a Power Rangers.
  • More delicate than other D-Reals. Hard to balance.
  • Could use more joints.

Very cool. The American version will suck.

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