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February is a good month. I got my hands on a Justimon, Saint Gargomon and Dukemon D-Real figure. This is a review of Dukemon, my favorite Digimon. Dukemon comes packaged with a detachable cape, detacheable shield, detacheable tail for the helmet detacheable sabre and two replacement hands. He also comes with a Dukemon playing card.

Dukemon is very faithful to the cartoon. This figure is about as real as it gets. Almost every part of Dukemon is painted, even the joints. In fact the triangles on his knees are even colored. Bandai wdent to the effort of actually painting in his eyes, instead of cheaping out on it. The level of detail on his shield is incredible. Every line is painted in and the shield looks like it's almost made of metal.

Also nearly every pat of Dukemon is removable. This allows you to have him in many poses. He can have his sabre and shield on, or just the sabre, or just the shield or no weapon. I heard that the US version does not have separate hands included with the figure. That is in my opinion, stupid, because it can't cost that much more money. Dukemon looks cool with just one weapon and one hand. You can even remove Dukemon's cape like he did in the cartoon.

Like the other D-Reals, Dukemon is very well-jointed. His legs can move up or down, while his knees are double jointed. The same for his arms, with his double-jointed elbows. As a bonus, his ankles are also jointed. Unlike some of the other D-Reals, Dukemons legs can go straight up, so there's almost no pose you can't put him in. And his knees bend all the way as well. This makes him very easy to stand up. Finally his waist turns 360 degrees.

Justimon is the most detailed character I have seen so far, but Dukemon is the one who most resembles the cartoon character. He's also pretty big, about the same size as Omnimon or Imperialdramon Paladin Mode.

There are only some small downsides. His head is very stiff. You can't twist it a lot because he has a huge collar. Also, Bandai did not paint the triangles on his chest, or the back of his collar. But they did a great job with everything else, so it's not too big a deal. Finally, the right elbow can be a little loose because the sabre is so heavy. And removing the sabre and putting the hand on isn't easy.


Dukemon's Back.
Dukemon Skeleton Mode.
Another Side View.


  • Right out of the cartoon with a great paint job.
  • Everything is removeable. Replacement hands are awesome.
  • Great articulation. Very easy to pose.

  • The head is too stiff.
  • The elbow joints are a little loose.
  • I wish the center triangle was painted..

Very cool. The American version will suck. But buy it anyway.

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