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So you want to enter the Digital World? Before you can do that, you'll need a Partner Digimon. He or she will be reponsible for protecting you and being your friend. In order to find the perfect Digimon for you, we'll need to use the Digivice.

Please answer the questions below as truthfully as possible. The Digivice will analyze the data and tell you who your partner Digimon could be.

If you're not totally sure about your new Partner Digimon, you might want to try again, but this time change a couple of answers and see what happens.


What characteristics are most important for your partner digimon?
(1--most important 4--least important)
Kindness 1 2 3 4
Intelligence 1 2 3 4
Gender 1 2 3 4
Power 1 2 3 4

What is your name?

1. Are you a boy or a girl?
Boy   Girl

2. Which one best describes you?
I always do the right thing
I sometimes do the right thing
I only do what I like to do  

3. What are you most afraid of?
Heights   Boredom   Being in front of people

4. When you're watching a movie, do you like to?
Look at the same scene over and over again
Just watch it once and then put it away
Fast forward to the end

5. What kind of sports do you like better?
Football   Basketball

6. If you got lost while driving on the road, what would you do?
I'd find a map so I can figure out how to get to my destination.
I'd keep going until I found where I want to go.

7. Are you allergic to pets?
Yes   No

8. what kind of cars do you like the best?
Compact    Sedan    SUV

9. If you're in trouble, what do you do?
Try to fix it by yourself
Try to work it out with your friends
Get other people to do it for you

10. Do you talk a lot or do you listen a lot or do you a bit of both?
Talk a lot   Listen a lot   A bit of both

11. Which of these best describes you?
I tackle problems head on and hope it works okay.
I try to think it through, but sometimes I need to rush.
I always take my time because I've always got a plan.


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