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Becoming a Digimon Tamer takes a lot of work and determination. In order to help you out, we've created some tools that will help you become a Digimon Tamer.

The games below will help you understand what kind of Digimon you'll be dealing with, and the secret to finally entering the Digital World.

On-Line Digivice

Turn on the Digivice and find out what kind of Digimon you really are. The Digivice will scan you and analyze all of the vital data to tell you what kind of Digimon you are.

By answering highly scientific questions that have been tested by thousands of scientists, you can find out how you can enter the Digital World.

Click to activate the Digivice now.

Digimon Rescue       

The latest Digimon Shockwave game. Now that you know what kind of Digimon you are, it's time to enter the Digital World. In order to do that, you'll need to open the gate between both worlds.

Play the Digimon Rescue game and reveal the hidden images of the Digital World. Each level you will encounter parts of the Digital world covered by Digital Blocks. Select the colored Digital Blocks to make them disappear, so you can win each level and find the hidden portal.

Click to enter the Digital World.

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