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Season 2 Episodes

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Episode 001 - Enter Flamedramon

It's been three years since Apocalymon was defeated. A new menace has appeared and threatens both the real and digital world. Good Digimon are being turned evil and none of them can digivolve anymore. What's worse is that this evil Digimon Emeperor is one of them, a Digidestined they've never seen before.

The Digidestined don't have enough power to stop this new menace. But they have help in the form of three new Digidestined and their powerful new D-3 Digivices.

Can the new leader of the Digidestined, Davis, discover the secret of armor Digivolving? Otherwise, their adventures will end sooner than they can blink.

Air Date: 0000-00-00 | Rating:

Episode 002 - The Digi-Team Complete

With Flamedramon on their side, the Digidestined are now able to fight back. But they still need more help, and when Davis and Veemon are captured by the evil Digimon Emperor, Yolei and Cody must rescue him with the help of their new Digimon partners.

Able to armor digivolve using the digi-eggs of love and knowledge, Halsemon and Digimon come rushing to the rescue.

Air Date: 0000-00-00 | Rating:

Episode 003 - A New Digitude.

With two new Digimon, the Digidestined are ready to take on the Digimon Emperor. Or so they think.....

Unfortunately the Digimon Emperor is ready for them, and he summons new captive Digimon to overpower Flamedramon, Halsemon and Digmon.

Unless T.K. and Kari can find the Digi-eggs of Hope and Light, their friends are doomed.

Air Date: 0000-00-00 | Rating:

Episode 004 - Iron Veggiemon

The Emperor continues his conquest of the Digital World, and one of the first Digimon to fall in battle is Gabumon.

Matt and the new Digidestined come to Gabumon's rescue but are capture by Iron Veggiemon.

They manage to find out how the Digimon Emperor is able to control the good Digimon. Through the use of Dark Spires that act as antennas, and Dark Rings that receive their signals, he is able to control their minds and stop them from Digivolving.

Luckily, Veemon's friendship with Davis may prove the key to finding out how to stop the Dark Rings and restore the ability to Digivolve to the Digital World.

Air Date: 0000-00-00 | Rating:

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