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Season 2 Episodes

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Episode 045 - The Dark Gate

Davis manages to free Ken, but now they must face off against Daemon. Even Paildramon is no match for Daemon, a mega-level Digimon. When Shakkoumon and Sylphimon both appear, the team believes they can win. But the combined assault does not even injure Daemon.

Imperialdramon's most powerful attacks have no effect, and Daemon uses his superior power to threaten the lives of innocent people. Everyone is ready to give up until Ken realizes the solution.

He must embrace the darkness within him once again and open a portal to the Dark Ocean, the one place where Daemon might not be able to escape.

All of the Digidestined combine their powers to help Ken reach into the evil within without succumbing to it. If they fail, then Daemon will destroy the world.

Air Date: 0000-00-00 | Rating:

Episode 046 - Duel of the Wargreymon

The battle everyone has been asking for. WarGreymon versus BlackWarGreymon. BlackWarGreymon wants Oikawa to tell him why he was created. And if it involves some explosions so be it. Tai and Kari want Oikawa too, but they need him alive so he can tell them where the kidnapped children are.

A three way battle rages, with WarGreymon and ImperialDramon facing off against WarGreymon while the other Digidestined go after Oikawa.

This is the final battle with BlackWarGreymon, and the Digimon's last chance to help him understand what a heart is. Will BlackWarGreymon listen to his heart and those who wish to be his friends? Or will his anger consume him and destroy everyone around him?

Air Date: 0000-00-00 | Rating:

Episode 047 - Black Wargreymon's Destiny

The kidnapped children have been returned to their homes, so how come everything is not all right?

The children have all been infected with dark spores like Ken was a long time ago. But these new spores develop much more quickly. Why does Oikawa need so much power?

Cody's grandfather discovers the existance of Digimon and explains to Cody a hidden story about his father, and the man who was his best friend and how they dreamed of the Digital World. That man was Oikawa, and in a perverted sense, he is trying to see Cody's father's dreams come to life.

But what dark promises did Oikawa have to make? And what sacrifices is he willing to endure?

Realizing the growing nature of this evil, BlackWarGreymon sacrifices his life to bring an end to this evil, and in doing so he finally realizes what his purposes is, and bids his friends farewell.

Air Date: 0000-00-00 | Rating:

Episode 048 - Oikawa's Shame

BlackWarGreymon's sacrifice prevented Oikawa from reaching the Digital World. Consumed with madness, Oikawa doesn't even realize this barrier and opens a portal into what he believes is the Digital World.

But this is not the Digital World, it is a world of anarchy and dreams. The Digidestined follow Oikawa in an attempt to save the kidnapped children. What they find on the other side is something they never dreamt of, their greatest enemy has returned, more powerful than ever.....MaloMyotismon.

Air Date: 0000-00-00 | Rating:

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